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I recently purchased a Lorts breakfast room table and four chairs sight unseen on the recommendation of a decorator who ordered them from Arizona. The set was extremely expensive, but looks like it is from China or somewhere else in the Far East. I was absolutely shocked beyond belief when I saw how cheap looking the finish was. The table top was very different from the sample, which is solid... Read more

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Lorts furniture sucks....the owner Ty lorts and his crack pot management team are a bunch of illiterates operating on sheer stupidity and incompetence....they import junk furniture from china or mexico and then put a cheap crappy finish on their junk and sell it as high in stuff screwing the american public....anyone buying this *** supports cheap labor(hiring illegals) and our crappy trade laws... Read more

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Lorts Furniture in arizona claims to sell high in stuff when in fact it is no more than imported junk from china or mexico,and they want to charge 300% mark-up what a joke this place is, the finish is cheap....and most of the time will not be correct....they also employ cheap labor..aka illegals.....i say any one buying this junk would be a supporter of cheap labor(you get what you pay for)and... Read more

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